Proper Drainage

These photos are taken from a little acreage by Mazeppa, AB. Before we came there all the water was draining into the house foundation. We proceeded by taking laser shots of different places in the yard trying to see if the water would drain to the ditch. We then dug a channel around the entire house starting from the back of the house to allow for proper drainage to the front of the house where the ditch would take the water away.

(Top two pictures was before we dug the channel, bottom two pictures was after we dug the channel)  

When the spring melt down came the channel filled with water as shown in the pictures below. This allowing the water to drain into the channel instead of all the water flowing towards the house. The home owner said this saved they're newly renovated basement and has not leaked since.  

If you're having water draining problems let us help you fix that problem so it does not lead to thousands in water damage bills.